Hi!! I'm Didar Singh Chalana. You can call me DC.

“As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning.”- and that is why learning has been an integral part of my life.

List of Companies that I own

My company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

DC Group of Companies

Edinburgh Cashmere is a fashion brand that designs and produces 100% Pure Cashmere and Pure Lambswool Scarves, Stoles, and Mini Capes. Quality and the wearer’s comfort is our primary goal.

Lambswool is natural and soft, and requires minimal processing. Lambswool, like all sheep’s wool, contains lanolin. It is popularly used for good quality knitwear.

DC designs the scarves and also manufactures them. DC also owns few manufacturing industries and to date, DC has manufactured millions of scarves and has supplied to big brands.

DC is not just an Entrepreneur he is also a great designer who has designed for big brands. His own collections includes scarves, stoles, capes, jeans, jackets and trousers that are selling like a hot-cake worldwide on Edinburgh Cashmere, Edinburgh Lambswool and DC Milan

Clan Cashmere are products we’ve designed to our demanding specifications, or sourced from recommended producers to a standard we’re justly proud of. The brand on the label may vary, but the quality is always what you’d expect from DC.

DC Milan

DC MILAN is a menswear brand that caters to men from all walks of life. We like to think of ourselves as a hub for both luxury and comfort. We pride ourselves in the delivery of designer clothing that adds value to your life. To shop our products visit dcmilan.com

DC Tasty is a distinctive part of the renowned DC Groups and entered the hospitality industry in 2019. Giving more importance to health DC is working on preparing a high protein and low calories burgers and pizza.

DC Lifestyle


Life is too short to drive boring cars

Cars are one of the things that excite DC. And DC's love towards cars never ends.
From shopping luxurious watches to driving luxury cars is how DC spends his free time.

Factory visit by DC

"But at the end of the day, it’s all about learning and growing in every possible way you can, to be a better version of what you are today."