I am an entrepreneur who owns and successfully runs six unique companies in the United Kingdom, living the life that I always dreamed of having.

My hard work and dogged determination has allowed me to drive luxury cars, indulge in designer items, travel around beautiful destinations in the world and to have experienced exquisite cultures, and trying exclusive dishes.

The Initial days

But as they say, no one becomes successful without one significant characteristic, which is: “Hard Work”. It took me years of struggle, working through sweat and blood, day and night, to what now seems an overnight success.

Born in Punjab, India, since my childhood, I was interested in fashion and design. My story started when I was twelve years old. I started with my wholesale business by supplying products to the local market in Punjab. I always was and still am a keen learner. I was never really motivated by money or how much profit I made. My primary focus was always to learn and gain experience as much as I could. I used to visit shopping malls instead of going to school to know what products people were buying, what was the demand in the market, etc. All these events helped me to build a strong foundation for my success. I can’t forget those starting days—that young DC, with my eyes filled with dreams and my mind eager to learn and experience new things.

But that was not just it. I wanted to do more. And I did that by visiting my uncle in Nagaland, who helped me start my first shoe wholesale business. It was a huge step for me. I would buy the products that came from China and transport them directly to my clients in Punjab. My products were fresh and in demand. I had done my research well.

At the young age of 18, I had understood one essential thing: “If I can make my clients successful, that’ll automatically make me successful’’. I made sure that I never took business as only making money. I always focused on delivering superior quality products at the lowest prices and fulfilling the customer’s demand on time. That gradually helped me gain the trust of my clients. And also, I created my first bank account and started expanding and up scaling my business.


The demand from previous buyers started increasing, resulting in orders in enormous quantities, which eventually helped me and the business grow. 

I would purchase the products from Nagaland and Siliguri and reach Delhi to generate more buyers, and then I would go back to Punjab and fulfil the regular order.

My deal with buyers was very much clear: 

  • I would display the samples.
  • The buyer would tell the number of pieces required and.
  • I would deliver the goods to them on time.

The steps look simple. But the execution wasn’t that easy. I started the business with very little cash in my pocket, and my business would entirely run based on the buyer’s payment. Fortunately, none of the buyers made any late payments, nor did they withhold any of my payments. They were happy, contented, and satisfied with my service and the goods I supplied. Along this entire journey, I gained a lot of market experience, the business was turning out good numbers in profits, and I could see everything running smoothly. So, I encouraged myself and decided that: I will continue with the Import and Export business. I broadened my vision, got into the clothing line, and started supplying Jeans, T-shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts, and many more.


And then I made a bold decision in my life. I came to the UK, where I began a new chapter of my life. A life where I:

  • I fulfilled all my dreams.
  • Driving luxurious cars.
  • Enjoying exotic holidays.
  • Tasting different cuisines, travelling around the world, and much more.

All this was possible just because I had established my business in India successfully. All the lessons and experiences I gained in India, I used them in the UK to build the life of my dreams, along with establishing six Successful Companies.

DC Singh Edinburgh

Let’s not forget about that one other role….you know, the role that no one really knows how to handle? The one mystical role that speaks their own language and talks too much about colour. Yeah, that one, the designers.

DC Singh Edinburgh

Grasping ideas from sports athletes for better designs.

DC Singh Edinburgh

Working for clients from all around the world.

DC Singh Edinburgh
“I wish neither to possess nor to be possessed. I no longer covet ‘paradise’. More importantly, I no longer fear ‘hell’. In Bruce Lee Paradise, there are mountains, lakes, and lush vegetation everywhere.”
DC Singh Edinburgh

“It is rightly said that every picture tells a story and when it comes to pictures, a chance to meet Prince Charles was a little overwhelming.”

DC Singh Edinburgh

“You gotta have life your way. If you ain’t losing your mind, you ain’t partying right.”

DC Singh Edinburgh
“But a few friendly reminders that the next adventure is closer than you think can help you put your wanderlust to rest.”
DC Singh Edinburgh

“Trying your hand in the adventurous is so much harder.”

DC Singh Edinburgh
“The cars we drive says a lot about us. By 21, I was earning six figures. By 30, I had a Ferrari.”