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Edinburgh Cashmere

After I shifted to the UK, it took me 4-5 years to launch Edinburgh Cashmere. I registered for this company in 2014. The reason it took me so much time to officially launch is that. I wanted to correctly plan every nitty-gritty detail about the operation of this company.
I didn’t want to rush and wanted to perfect how I will be serving my clients and delivering the best cashmere products to them.

What satisfied my customers the most after using my products and differentiated me from my competition out there was—my dedication to providing the highest quality products, within reasonable rates.
The whole idea of this company came into my mind when working in the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. I noticed that Edinburgh is a famous name used with different products, and one of the most popular products in Edinburgh was Cashmere. So I decided to combine both and make a brand named “Edinburgh Cashmere. “ This is when the real hard work began.


From pretty spring prints to stable knits, you’ll find designer scarves in various patterns and colours to match almost anything in your wardrobe. Whether your style is retro or prefer an ultra-modern look, a scarf is always an appropriate way to add colour and style to your outfit.


Make yourself a class apart, whenever you put these stoles with any classic outfit and match it with quirky prints to amaze everyone with our designs.


Just a little tip before we go; matching the primary colour of your cape with your stylish tops is a brilliant idea to look classy. Click here to shop our Lambswool and Cashmere capes. 

I doubled down on market research and discovered that the quality of cashmere sold here was not up to the mark. But quality matters the most to me, and since this was to be my first business in the UK, I couldn’t compromise on that. It took me 2-3 years to approve the quality of my product. I went and met the farmers to get the best raw material from the chest of the cashmere goats. For quality research, I even went to China, talked to different experts, spent sleepless nights in the factory to prepare my perfect high-quality product, that I could serve my customers.
After that, I delivered the fabric to the factory I was associated with and asked them to produce the Cashmere goods that I dreamt of delivering to my audience. Products that will give them an experience that they will never forget. But that was not just it. With the quality aspect figured out, I needed to come up with the designs. And believe you me, it took me one year to come up with my unique designs.
That’s how this company came to life.

Our Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of Edinburgh Cashmere is to visit our website.

Currently, we at Edinburgh Cashmere have successfully made 500 different cashmere scarves with different colours and tartans. And at this very moment, while you are going through my story (Click here check out my story on how I got into business since my childhood), we are designing and producing 100% Pure Cashmere, Pure Lambswool Scarves, Stoles, Mini Capes and a lot of other Cashmere Products.


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