The idea to start DC Milan came into my mind in the year 2012. With DC Milan, I built my brand competing with the high-end garment businesses by providing products at reasonable prices. If the price of a sweatshirt from any high end brand was within £500 to £700, we were delivering the same product of the same quality under £100.

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Due to this massive difference in price but with no compromise in quality, people appreciated our work and designs. We got a heart-warming response from our customers who fell in love with our brand. But it was not that easy to do so. The actual story of DC Milan goes back to 2012 when I started supplying clients with jeans, jackets, T-shirts, etc. This line of business really began to take off.

The name of my company was DS Kilts And Souvenirs Wholesale Limited. Under this company, I worked a lot on various designs and samples. I then used to send my designs to international brands.

One of the billionaire companies in Spain was very happy with my designs and appreciated them. So much so that they gave me my first big order. I wasn’t interested in the money I used to get from my designs. My only source of happiness was the appreciation that I got for my hard work. That thing motivated me the most. After success with this one client, I then went on to work with top designer brands in the UK, France, Spain, and Italy. And from my first order all other orders have increased in volume consistently.

My primary focus has always been delivering the best quality products at reasonable prices, and this has been my mantra for success since my childhood. And that is how I grew and will continue to grow my businesses.