This is the latest addition to my list of assets. The planning for DC Tasty was ongoing for the past 2 to 3 years because I wanted to enter the food industry.

I felt that having good food at a reasonable price is a primary customer need. And looking at this opportunity, I went ahead with the idea of delivering the best quality food at very reasonable rates. It felt like a mountain to climb, but I did achieve that with the DC Tasty franchise.

After proper research, which included:

  • Meetings with my financial advisors.
  • Meetings with various food departments.
  • We examined various restaurants.
  • Going through their price-lists.
  • My team and I collectively prepared a well-researched menu and started associating with the top restaurants.

I aim to associate DC Tasty only with those restaurants which deliver top-notch food to its customers and who give immense importance to cleanliness and hygiene.

We explained our mission to our prospects, and slowly and steadily, we are expanding with DC Tasty.